General Questions

Answer: That depends on:
1. How many credits you buy(bulk purchases are cheaper).
2. The route that you send via. We provide users with several routing options which have different levels of connectivity and have definitive features and costs. By registering and sending some test messages (free) you can verify exactly what the cost will be.

Answer: No, All prices are including VAT and other expencess.

Answer: We work on both prepaid and postpaid basis but preferably the first one. You can purchase credits online/offline via your cards, bKash, paypal, electronic funds transfer.

Answer: By using Unicode, OnnoRokomSMS is able to support any written text that is part of the Unicode character set. This include an extremely comprehensive list of scripts from around the world. Please note that for a message to display, the destination handset you are sending to must also support the Unicode characters you have included. If you would like to read more information on Unicode, please refer to the article.

Answer: What is a Unicode Standard?
Unicode standard is a type of character encoding system designed for consistency in the computing industry. The unicode system is able to handle large variety of characters beyond the basic Latin alphabet (A-Z), in order to support a wide range of languages and technical symbols.

Answer: What is a Unicode Message?
A unicode message is a message that is encoded using the Unicode standard. Any message that contains even a single Unicode character must be encoded in this way in order to display properly the Unicode characters properly.

Answer: Mobile phone numbers need to be entered in international formatting, without the leading '00' or '+'. E.g. if your number is listed as +88018xxxxxxxx, or 88018xxxxxxxx, remove the + or 00 to make 018xxxxxxxx. To convert a domestic number into international format, generally remove any leading '0' and add your country code. Eg. 088 xxx xxx becomes 88 xxx xxx.

Answer: Registering for an account is free and takes a few minutes. Please visit Or Once you registered a password will be SMS'ed to your cell phone. This password will be asked when you first log-in to your account.

Answer: When you sign up for an OnnoRokomSMS account, we will send you a temporary password by SMS to use when you first log-in to your account. If you are yet to receive your SMS, there are a number of steps you can take to troubleshoot or resolve the issue.

1. Is your mobile phone in reception range and switched on?
Please ensure that you have your mobile with you, that it has mobile reception, is switched on and able to receive SMS messages. If your phone is not able to receive any messages due to one of these issues, check first to ensure it is working and wait for your SMS password to arrive.

2. Did you enter your mobile number in international format?
Our system will attempt to deliver an SMS password to the number you provided during sign up. If this number is formatted incorrectly, OnnoRokomSMS will not be able to deliver your the SMS password correctly. For example, if your phone number is +8801841336333, then:
Incorrect: +8801841336333 Or 8801841336333
Correct: 01841336333

3. Did you enter your mobile number correctly?
Typos do happen! Is possible that your mobile number was incorrectly entered during sign up? If you think this may be the case please contact our support team who will be able to check this for you and update your number. When contacting support, please be sure to include your username, and actual mobile number to the support team check for any potential issues.

4. Please wait for few minutes to see if the delivery is resolved.
Once you have successfully completed the sign up form, your SMS password is instantly sent to the carrier network. On rare occasions, upstream issues outside of OnnoRokomSMS's control can lead to minor SMS delays. Please try waiting few minutes to check if message delivery has been delayed.

5. Contact OnnoRokomSMS support.
If you have still been unable to receive your SMS password, our friendly OnnoRokomSMS support team will be happy to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Make sure to provide your mobile phone number when contacting support team.

Answer: Typically messages are delivered within few seconds, usually even faster. The best is to test it for yourself.